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Northern Water Works Development Agency

The Northern Water Works Development Agency (NWWDA) was earlier established as Northern Water Services Boards through a Kenya Gazette Notice No. 1716 dated 12th March 2004 as a State Corporation under the State Corporations Act and the Water Act 2002. The water Act 2016 was enacted and the Northern Water Services Board, was gazetted as Northern Water Works Development Agency vide special issue of Kenya Gazette No. 28 dated 26th April 2019.

Our Background  

The Northern Water Works Development Agency (NWWDA) was ..

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Mission & Vision  

To ensure increased access to quality, sustainable and affordable ...

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Quality Policy Statement  

(NWWDA) is committed to efficient and economical provision of ...

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Our Mandate  

The Agency is responsible for the development, maintenance and management...

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Board of Directors  

(NWWDA) board of directors comprises of the following directors ...

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The Management of (NWWDA) comprises of different departments ...

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(NWWDA) is currently undertaking projects in different areas ...

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(NWWDA) follows a transparent, accountable and fair procurement...

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